It is your responsibility to keep up with your stats during the game(s). The stat book is in the dugout.
Last Updated : 06/25/22


NOTE: Homeruns count as hits too. It is your responsibility to mark down a hit along with your HR in the stat book.
Top 10 in Homeruns at the All-Star Break will get to participate in the HR Derby. They are listed in BOLD.

Zach Henson(12)
Kris Murphy(11)
Ben Brown(5)
Bryan Henson(3)
Coleman Brown(2)
Luke Johnson(2)
Jordan Rohr(2)
Scott Jeffcoat(2)
Forrest Hunt(2)
Jesse Bates(1)
Brendan Johnson(1)
Parks Fowler(1)
David Allan(1)
Cade Smith(1)


Ben Brown(6)
Scott Jeffcoat(6)
Kris Murphy(5)
Jesse Bates(4)
Carver Moore(4)
Jordan Iwanyszyn(1)

NOTE: It is not a base hit when you get someone out at 2nd, 3rd, or home on a force out play.
Home runs count as hits too. If you hit a HR, you are responsible for writing it down as a hit as well.