The Campbellball Hall of Fame gives fans a view of where Campbellball began and where it has gone. Located at the field, the Hall of Fame has been visited by hundreds of people over the past year and is a highlight of each person’s visit to Campbell Yard.

The Hall of Fame is full of articles that give a visitor an idea of how the game of Campbellball has developed into the game is today. Retired bats, autographed balls, parts of the uniforms that Hall of Famer’s wore during their careers, newspaper articles about Campbellball, and many other interesting artifacts await anyone who comes to visit the Campbellball Hall of Fame.

“The Campbellball Hall of Fame is an awesome place to visit,” said recent visitor Danny Vaden, from Clemson, South Carolina, “I was amazed at where this game has come.The Hall of Fame was a very memorable visit for me.”

The Hall of Fame currently has 22 inductees and each induction ceremony is surrounded by the legend of the game as inducted players and fans make their way to Campbell Yard to paritcipate in the ceremony and welcome the new inductee.

There are also special days set aside for Hall of Famers to commemorate their contributions to the game. One of these is the Mark White Classic, where every Spring players show up in church clothes on a Sunday afternoon in April to play the way Campbellball’s first Hall of Famer Mark White used to play.

The Hall of Fame is a special journey down Campbellball’s memory lane that’s just waiting to happen.

Below are members of the Hall of Fame and the years they played at Campbell Yard.

Mark White (1996-1997)
Jeremy Fortner (1996-1998)
Tim Evans (1996-1999)
Brian Rich (1996-2001)
Wilson Davis (1999-2001)
“Shoeless” Matt Sanders (1999-2001)
Todd Layne (1998-2001)
Matt Wilber (1996-2001)
Alex Maddux (1999-2002)
Brad Huddleston (1998-2002)
“J.P.” Jonathon Palk (1996-2002)
Daniel Palk (1999-2002)
Ray Russell (1999-2002)
Jeff Gaw (1999-2002)
Jeremy Tomes (1999-2003)
“Pablito” Paul Welch (1999-2003)
Sara Carter (1999-2004)
Will Watkins (1999-2004)
Kelly Campbell (1996-present)
Jeff Palk (2000-2005)
Bryan “Sultan” Henson (2003-2007)
John “Smokems” Hawkins (2004-2008)
Taylor Cupp (2003-2014)
James Lane (2003-2014)
Austin Thomas (2011-2015)
Kris Mann (2011-2018)